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Most people charged with a violent crime in San Diego County have never been involved in the criminal court system before. From the moment you are charged or questioned for your involvement in a felony manslaughter or assault offense, you face a confusing process that is likely to involve police questioning, the Miranda warning, an arraignment hearing, evidentiary hearings and meetings with prosecutors. While the criminal courts system in Southern California is intended to protect your rights, it is difficult to know exactly what you can or should do next.


At the Law Offices of Arena & Schnitzer, APLC, in San Diego, we protect the rights of people charged with violent offenses. You won't be judged for the offense you are accused of. We will listen to you and work diligently to help you secure an outcome that will protect your future. Whenever possible, we work closely with the prosecutor to find an alternative resolution to a felony conviction. If a trial becomes necessary, we are an experienced team of criminal law trial attorneys with many years of knowledge and a record of successful outcomes.



Keeping You Informed


Throughout your case, you will find us responsive and flexible. Often, finding the right resolution to a serious criminal law matter requires making sure you understand your options as the case turns with judge's decisions and evidence submitted to the court. We use every opportunity to protect your right from evidence that has been obtained or introduced in violation of your rights. A conviction for manslaughter, felony assault or other violent crime can mean a long prison sentence. We hold the prosecution to the highest standard of proving the state's case that you are guilty.


Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals accused of or charged with all types of felony and misdemeanor violent offenses, including:


  • Murder, manslaughter and other homicide offenses
  • Aggravated assault, second-degree assault, misdemeanor assault charges
  • Spousal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence charges
  • Vehicular homicide, vehicular assault resulting from DUI accidents


Every criminal law case is actually two cases; acquittal or conviction, and sentencing. While the first part of the case hinges on evidence of guilt or innocence, the sentencing phase often relies more on the individual story of the person convicted of the crime. Throughout your case, we make sure the judge and jury know the human story behind the legal case. We do everything possible to help you obtain a minimum sentence, in the event you accept a plea agreement with the prosecutor.


We have great success securing sentences that do not include jail time and prison time.


From offices in downtown San Diego, we represent clients throughout San Diego County and surrounding communities in Southern California. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced San Diego assault defense attorneys today.

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